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Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 Public Beta 2

Public Beta 2 has been released on NexusMods. A handful of fixes has been applied, which should leave it pretty bug-free. Compatibility with other mods have not been added yet, but I am working on adding native support for FCOM creatures (for the Arena quest), Frostcrag Village, Frostcrag teleportation, Alternative Start, and Unique Landscapes (as much as I can add native support). Patches will be made for FCOM, Weather: All Natural, and Unique Landscapes if required.


  • Fixed the mannequins.
  • Fixed the location of Lord Wethyl in the cellar (error in AI package).
  • Removed the bugged spell-casting from the crystals in Wethyl’s Realm.
  • Fixed messenger not delivering letter for the “From the Shadows” quest.
  • Removed Tamriel and IC LOD from the BSA (caused strange issues with things appearing where they should not).
  • Fixed Count Hassildor’s dialogue in vanilla quest (‘MG13Information’ and ‘Cure of Vampirism’).
  • Removed the city Map Markers.
  • Added a little twist to the dialogue of Count Goldwine if the player is mad…

Kvatch Rebuilt: A Hope Renewed public beta released on NexusMods

I just released Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 Public Beta 1 on NexusMods. This is a mostly complete version, but lacking some features. These features will be added in the coming week(s).


  • The ending to the rebuilding phase has been remade, and the Arena quest has been made a side quest instead.
  • Voice Over for most characters.
  • A better bridge between the rebuilding phase and the Underground questline has been introduced.
  • Full native support for Oblivion XP and Creature Diversity, as well as partial native support for FCOM and OOO.
  • The Paradise manor has gotten a full overhaul.
  • Total rewrite of most scripts for better performance and reliability.
  • Changes & additions to reflect lore information from Skyrim.
  • Dead NPCs now has a gravestone in the graveyard.
  • Ignar should now more reliably find you.
  • Arena champion fighting fixed.
  • Statue CTD fixed.
  • Moving statue bug fixed.
  • Quest updates that triggered at the wrong time fixed.
  • Minor changes/fixes.
Grab it on NexusMods now!

‘Kvatch Rebuilt – A Hope Renewed’ release date

Now that I am back from Poland, I can finally start working on Kvatch Rebuilt again, as a new man! I will be finishing up the fight scene this weekend, either as it is, or as a much simpler version. And then I will fix the Mannequins in the Paradise home, and add anything that is missing for it, to make it a complete player home. Next up is fleshing out the Ayleid ‘companion’ a little bit. She will not really be a true companion at this stage, but will instead act as some sort of keeper of the Paradise. She will give you drinks/food, sell/buy anything, repair, and basically give all those services (for a fee). You can get her to follow you as a follower, but will not have any special lines of dialogue (yet). I may flesh her out a bit at a later date, with unique dialogue for Ayleid Ruins and special fights/encounters. So, be ready to try out the new version Friday 4/4! (It is a cool date, and has nothing to do with the release of ESO! I swear!)   And in the meantime, if you want to help squash any eventual remaining bugs, download the (quite old) beta, and give it a run. I am sure there are some minor bugs/errors that can still be resolved, aside from the ones mentioned above.

Another Creature Diversity update

I’ve uploaded another update for Creature Diversity now. Version 1.13 includes the fix from 1.12b (error in Leveled Lists), as well as fixing and compromising a lot of the textures and meshes in the archive. The file size has been reduced by 40MB, a lot of mismatched paths have been corrected, missing animations has been added, DDS files has been converted to the correct DX format, and mip/normal maps have been created/modified/reduced. This won’t have a substantial effect on your gameplay, but it should prevent you from seeing some strange textures, shiny fur, completely invisible banshees, or whales that don’t animate. Well, head on over to NexusMods to grab the new version!   And as for Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0: I’ll be leaving for Poland on Thursday, and I really do not want to release the update and then be gone for a week after that, so it won’t be out until at least March 29th. But I will try to make everything ready for then.

Gold Horse Courier and Creature Diversity updated

Greetings! Been some time since the last update for anything now really… So, I thought to myself, “why not just release two new updates?” – sure thing!   The Creature Diversity update is a very minor one, though it is also very important. It fixes an error that caused high leveled creatures to spawn when the player is low level. So, essentially, the player got screwed. That issue should (*should*) be resolved now, and players should now enjoy bashing in the skulls of rats and wolves instead of minotaurs and ogres at level 3. Gold Horse Courier has gotten quite a substantial update. Not in the way that it got new flashing features and things like that, but now you can actually complete the main quest in the mod! Now, isn’t that great? It only took 9 updates to get there! So, here is the full changelog:
  • Cherilp Goldhorn should now accept the two packages in the final stages of the questline.
  • Cherilp Goldhorn is no longer in the ICWaterFrontResident faction, which caused you to be expelled from the Thieves Guild if you killed him.
  • You should now be able to hand in the two packages in the final stages of the questline.
  • During the final stages, the Anvil and Bruma quest markers should now work correctly.
  • Lavasir and Goldhorn should now finish their conversation, allowing the main quest to be finished.
  • The paralyzing spell should now only ever affect Lavasir.
  • Fixed some mismatching dialogue lines.
  Next up on my list is Kvatch Rebuilt. I am taking focus away from making the combat scene that I wanted to have, and instead focusing on getting the scene to work, and release the update. Maybe I can get back to working on a cool combat scene later on, but for now, people have waited long enough. There are also some mannequins that people will find non-functional, but those will be fixed in a later patch. I know I can make them work, I just have to get the whole “RELEASE THE BLOODY THING!” off my shoulders first. That’s all for now. The downloads can be found in the “Mods” section.

Kvatch Rebuilt update

Based on the feedback I received from a few beta testers, I have done some tweaking and fixing today.
  • Fixed “The Lord & Lady” quest, so it should update appropriately.
  • After defeating Count Wumbar, the quest log now updates properly.
  • Made Lord Wethyl essential until the actual fight starts, so that companions can’t kill him. He is also not hostile, and his knights have been removed.
  • Fixed the CTD/Freeze when initiating the fight with Lord Wethyl. The fight is still not working, but at least it doesn’t crash anymore.
I will be continuing to tweak the fight over the night and tomorrow. Hopefully I can get it working by tomorrow. But one thing is certain, Oblivion does not like heavily scripted fights with several stages. Tonight I will also be recording the voice of Arnand and Count Goldwine.

Kvatch Rebuilt Patches

  Today, I finished some of the compatibility patches that needs to be redone for the upcoming version. I also implemented native support for Creature Diversity into Kvatch Rebuilt, for the Arena soul harvesting quest. For tomorrow, I will be looking into implementing the same support for FCOM/OOO/MMM as well. The patches still needs testing as well, so that will be done next week, with more testers.   The finished patches are as follows:
  • OOO
  • FCOM
  • Oblivifall
  • Unique Landscape – Cheydinhal Falls
  • Frostcrag
  • Frostcrag Reborn
  • A Few Female Guards
  • Werewolves – Legends of the North
The remaining patches are as follows:
  • Frostcrag Village
  • Unique Landscape – Skingrad Outskirts
  There are most likely more mods that are incompatible, so I will be scouring the net looking for those.  

Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 Beta

The beta for Kvatch Rebuilt 3.0 is well underway, and so far, things are looking good.   The feedback that has come back, has shown that this beta release is actually more stable and performs better than 2.x (and 1.x) did, so my optimizations has been a success. What remains now is only two more minor characters that needs to be voiced, but that is all set, and being recorded now (doing it in-house). If you want to help out with the testing, you can download the beta here. Reports and feedback can be directed to me on NexusMods, Dark Creations, TES Alliance, or through E-mail.

Website up and running again…

The website is finally up and running again, so I should be able to better share any updates now.